Wednesday, March 17


I've been different lately. I don't care about clothes. Or, rather the clothing that appealed to me last week (i.e. the stuff in my closet) doesn't appeal to me now. I can't go out and buy the clothing I want to wear because I need to save everything I can for this summer and London in the fall. I don't like this whole 'budgeting' thing. Instant gratification is the way I like to live.

A friend invited me to visit her in Puerto Rico this summer. I would only pay for the plane to and from and would stay with her and her family. How can I turn that down? The kind of person I want to be is the kind of person who embraces the opportunity for adventure. I don't want to look back and regret not going. I don't know if I'll have enough money to go.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at photography online. It's amazing what people create. I want to go to the National Mall and walk around and be outside and take photos. But life is so damn busy during the week and I never seem to have an afternoon to spare. This weekend I'm going to Maple Fest in Monterey. I'll take pictures then.

When I'm busy I keep out of my head but when I sit down to do homework I think too much and never get anything done. Why is that? At least I did my math homework for tonight. I am liking math more and more. At least there is a right answer. I really don't like my major. What am I going to do with it when I graduate? I should have taken all this money and traveled. At least then I would have done something, seen something, by now.

I'm restless.

What do you do when your closet doesn't match who you want to be?
Should I go to Puerto Rico, (financial) consequences be damned?
How do you deal with life when it's so stressful you can't find time to do the things that would help you relax?
What the hell kind of job can a history major have (don't say teacher)?

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  1. your closet doesnt make you into who you are.

    you are the same beautiful person regardless of how you dress.


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