Tuesday, February 16


No not the outfit.

(thrifted dress, thrifted belt, H&M tank, random leggings,
hand-me-down boots, etsy necklace)

I really loved this outfit and I really love this necklace. If anyone knows the etsy shop please alert me because I'd love to link to them here! I wore another skirt with tulle under my dress to give it an extra poof! I felt very feminine and very housewife all day.

I am uninspired because I have a short story due today at 9:30 a.m. I start my story last week and was on a roll. Then I had to go to class, then we have a TON OF SNOW, then I went to Richmond and now I am a different person. I feel like there will be a huge shift in voice if I write right now. Also, I'm completely uninspired. I know where I want the story to go I just have no idea how to take it there.

Gah. I have a bottle of mountain dew; wish me luck.

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