Monday, February 15

can't change my spots

This outfit is kind of meh. It has potential to be more than meh but for this blasted skirt! Every time I wear this skirt I curse and cry and put it in my closet never to be worn again. Then, months later, I pull it out and say "now lets give you another chance, I'm sure things will be different." They really never are. This skirt is made of a shiny material that doesn't photograph or hang well. Gah. I really need to throw it out.
Also, I wish I'd brought a black belt to Richmond instead of this gold nonsense.

(unknown shirt, unknown tights, h&M or forever 21 skirt, thrifted boots,

silks (worn under tights) were a gift from mom, belt is hand-me-down)

The real reason I'm posting this outfit at all is because I loved what happened when I layered my silks (they're like longjohns but silk) under these tights. I'd been wearing the silks all weekend under leggings but when I put them under slightly sheer tights I got this awesome leopard pattern--it's fairly subdued which is great because I am not a huge wearer of animal print. I like it!
Also, new boots which are pretty cool and I got complimented on them by a waiter. I do like Marley's head peeking above the skirt!


  1. what if instead of getting rid of it we re-vamp it(i.e send it home with me, and I'll play with it) and make it awesome cause for some reason it keeps telling you not to abandon it


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