Thursday, January 21

this is not concrete

Yesterday was the first day of training for my new (totally sweet) job. I am writer for the pilot blogging program at my university. Since we are going to be working closely and critiquing each others' work my supervisor suggested we get to know each other by going around in a circle; fairly standard. Unfortunately, a few people before me mentioned negative things and I got sucked into that. I introduced parts of me that I don't want to be known for. Ugh. I've been regretting it ever since. That may be a part of who I am but that is not ME!

I am...

Sarah Yvonne.

A history major who is burnt out on history. And school in general.

I love writing and photography. I have a small collection of cameras and I love to take pictures of everything in my life. I love looking through all my photos and remembering the amazing times I had. Ever since I got my first camera in high school I've been taking photos of everyone and every event.

I love tutus. And feathers. And vintage dresses with lace. And my Doc Martens. I miss my puppy Corky and can't wait to get my own apartment so I can have a marmalade cat named Ron and a giant puppy named Saaski. I want an entire room full of books with huge leather chairs to read in. I've been known my entire life for being a bookworm and I am totally ok with that. I love, love thrifting and hope to learn to sew soon.

When I graduate I want to move to Richmond. More than anything I want to experience the real world. I want an apartment. I want a job. I want a kitchen where I can learn to cook. I want to experience a multitude of jobs before I settle down in a "career."

I am going to write a book (and have it published). I am going to teach. I am going to open a used bookstore and/or a tea shop. I am going to drink pink champagne in a fountain. I am going to get married and have little grubs. I am going to drive across the country (at least twice). I am going to take photographs of it all.

My name is Sarah Yvonne and I love life.

That's what I should have said because that is who I am.

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