Thursday, January 21

procrastination with a good purpose

Currently I am finishing my second week of the spring semester of my junior year at college. Soon the shine of new classes will fade and the tedium of a set schedule will hit me. Already the homework has proved to be extensive and I'm getting a little stressed. Yesterday I was inspired by Plain Jayne's post to think happy. I have written numerous happy lists in my life and have posted some here. Yesterday, instead of doing my usual list I decided to look around my room and find things I could focus on to make me happy. My dorm may be tiny, too tiny for two people, but it's filled with treasures that make me smile!

I love teacups and I like to rescue abandoned ones (cups without a set) from thrift stores. I recently decided to use them to store jewelery instead of keeping them hidden in my drawer.

My bulletin board has nothing school related, except my schedule, but is full of glee. My first tutu! A fan I just bought from a thrift school. Polaroids, photos of Boyfriend, a picture of my puppy, postcards, and all my necklaces!

I also hang photos from twine. I love the aesthetic and it's great to have pictures around. There are my parents; this is one of my favorite photos of them!

More of my obsession with polaroids. I also love my closet. I have it organized by type of clothing and general color and it's so fun to look at. Haha. I'm a clothing junkie!

My belts and scarves add another level of decoration to the jail-cell of a dorm room. My cousin gave me this little piggy loofah for Christmas. It's so cute that I can't bring myself to use it; instead it hangs by the door to wish me luck before class!

Last but not least my wee cactus, Senor El Segundo. My mom gave me him last year and I love him! He sits by the window soaking up the sun.

I feel happier already :).

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