Wednesday, November 4


Let me start by saying I love this jacket... but I never wear it. It makes me feel like a Vegas blackjack dealer and/or a old lady on a cruise. But, I love it so today I decided to take that risk and wear it. && today was a good day :D.
I wore this to my one Wednesday class and then thrifting. Normally I would not wear so many layers thrifting but this Goodwill has changing rooms and I woke up determined to wear this jacket!

(jacket: thrifted; blouse: thrifted; jeans: forever 21; hat: forever 21; boots: chinese laundry via DSW)

I did not end up coming home with the polka dotted dress in the first picture but I did score a kickass pair of boots for $5.

I also got a skirt, blouse, and jacket. Today's theme seemed to be green and canvas. Haha. This helps round out my wardrobe a little bit!

I'm excited it's almost Friday! There are two classes and an exam between me and leaves!

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