Saturday, October 31

ghosts of halloweens past

Oh Halloween, you fickle friend. I have had amazing Halloweens since I've been in college. Unfortunately, looking back, I see that I tended to go with the "it's halloween lets put on our shortest skirts" idea instead of being really creative (at least my freshman year).

2007: Freshman Year

I was at first a lumberjack but somewhere along the way my axe (made by my then roommate--the gangster to my left) was lost; so at the party I was a hunter (without a gun). This costume was pulled together the night of halloween so cut me some slack.
I actually celebrated halloween three times that year (to make up for all the times I was grounded in High School). On the 30th I went to a club's halloween night (thankfully I have no pictures of that costume; I was a school girl--need i say more?); the 31st found me at a house party (as a hunter/lumberjack); and the 1st found me at a failure of a club & house party (sans costume).

2008: Sophomore Year

This costume I had my idea in advance. I was Poison Ivy, a villainess from the Batman series. I bought the green tube dress from American Apparal (the only thing I own from there) and the leaves from Michaels. Add green nails, eyeliner, tights, and headband and I was set.
This halloween was especially awsome for me because it was the first party I'd been to where I did not drink AND I had an amazing time! Halloween fell after a particularly rough time for me and it was reassuring to know that I was capable of socializing and having fun without liquid courage.

2009: Junior Year
My costume is amazing & I'll have pictures up (along with a diy-how i did it post) in the next couple of days. Here's a quick hint at what Boyfriend and I went as: go here!

I hope your halloween is as amazing as mine is going to be!

Happy Halloween Kittens!


  1. I'm really pumped to see this bowl of petunias costume! :)


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