Sunday, June 21

summer project:

For years I never drank coffee. My go to drink was a double chocolate chip frap. My senior year I never went to bed before midnight and soon learned that coffee was helpful in getting me through the day. I still couldn't stand the taste so I braved the confused and pitying looks of the baristas and ordered peppermint hot chocolate with a shot of espresso.
My freshman year in college I decided enough was enough and that it was time to grow up and develop a coffee-addiction like everyone else. I started to order the white chocolate mocha (or something along those lines). Then I read an article that named my white chocolate mocha (or whatever) the most unhealthy, fattening drink Starbuck's created. I almost cried.
I pulled away from coffee for awhile to save money. But I've come back to it in the recent months; not normally to help keep me awake (instead I try and get a full nights sleep and drink lots of water). I like going to get coffee with friends. I like ordering a grande cafe mocha (I'm learning to like the taste) and sitting for an hour or so and talking. But I'm tired of Starbucks. All the shops look the same, which would be comforting if I traveled but is rather boring as my life is fairly predictable. I started a summer project with three part plan.
1. Find local coffee shops.
2. Drink their coffee with a friend while enjoying the unique atmosphere.
3. Feel good about supporting a local business, drinking good coffee, and spending time with aforementioned friend.
I think it's a good plan. My first local coffee shop is Stacy's. I went there twice last week and had the same lovely (non-english speaking) barista. I sat on a very comfy couch for hours at a time and was amused that on Mondays they host 'Four minute dating'. I'm a fan of their cafe mocha. And their comfy couch.

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