Monday, June 22

silver lining

Some days it is hard to by happy. Take today for example: I only slept a measly three hours last night, I have to be at work at 9, and I have class until 10:20 tonight. This exhaustion and non-stop movement can really get to me. So on my walk from the metro to my office I made a mental list of things I'm happy about right now.
1. I have new headphones so ABBA is not staticy
2. The weather is perfect for my dress and jean jacket
3. I was early to work
4. There is a giant hole in my lobby that looks like a sand pit
5. I was locked out of the office because no one showed up to cover the front desk (I think this is funny, or I do now that I'm inside the office.)
6. I put together a good outfit this morning
7. I get to be receptionist one more day
8. Pay day this Friday
9. I walked a new way to work today and saw new things
10. Despite being very clumsy I have never needed a cast (*knock on wood*)
11. Promotion photos for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland have been released and Johnny Depp looks perfect as the Mad Hatter
I feel better :).
It should be a good day, assuming I survive.
(images via filmjunk)

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