Friday, January 13

patent pending

Now that I'm finally using pinterest (thanks Katie) I am obsessed with cycling through my favorite bloggers archives and pinning ideas for outfits. This outfit is a combination of Kendi's look here and the fact that it was freakishly warm in D.C. today. Nearly 60* in mid-January? This winter's weather is totally wild. The last time I wore these pants I really thought I was packing them up until Spring. I'm glad I was wrong because I love love the color.

Anyway, I had the intention of getting up on my roof and taking photos since I actually got home before the sun set. But then I got a call from a friend and before I knew it the sun was long gone. I really liked the outfit so I snapped some photos in my dinning room while my roommate told me stories of a tunnel built by a guy in Italy based on visions he remembers from his childhood.

[pants: gap; blouse: hand-me-down ann taylor; shoes: dsw, years ago; belt: gift, sweater: from high school]

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