Saturday, December 17

mint green

December 14, 2011
December 14, 2011
December 14, 2011

The other night I couldn't sleep so I started planning outfits in my head and this is what emerged. Cashmere rolled up and tucked with a rubber band, an oversized silk blouse, and an asymmetrical dress. I love the unusual layers and how even though everything is a smidge to big it still looks good on.

I'm staring oh so lovingly at this present even though I wrapped it for the boyfriend. I find that this year it's so hard to maintain Christmas spirit. I have a tree with lights, decorations around the apartment, a stack of presents under the tree, and Christmas music playing all day long at work. Even so I don't feel like it's Christmas at all.

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  1. I dig this! I have a thicker form, so I don't think I could pull it off. but you sure do!


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