Monday, April 11



Saturday night, I had some friends over for my first "dinner party" in the apartment. It went well despite a burnt pot of rice (I really hate cooking rice on the stove). Following, we rushed into the city for the DC Film Festival. We had the privilege of watching the first movie to ever be produced in Greenland, Nummioq. The movie was fantastic. The story was touching and the actors (most of them starring in their first film) were emotive and believable. The Greenlandic scenery was beautiful. The director was there for a Q&A after the film and it was fun to hear him speak.

Also, apparently Greenland is filled with tremendously attractive men who can do things like catch fish with just their hands. Road trip?

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  1. how cool! and i'm glad your dinner party went well.
    love what you're putting together these days...great skirt!


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