Monday, December 6

a rose at Regent Park

a rose at Regent's Park
a rose at Regent's Park
a rose at Regent's Park
a rose at Regent's Park
I love this dress. I love these photos. I love Regent Park in London. A few weeks ago, I took my camera, my camera manual, and myself over to the park to take some outfit photos and learn a bit more about Frank (my Nikon). He and I have been together for two years, this Christmas, and I still feel so ignorant about him. The more I learn the better my photos will be and that's a goal of mine. I enjoyed taking these photos and I really like how they turned out. I only like taking "outfit photos" when there is an emphasis on photo. I want to take good pictures not just showcase clothing.

What I really want is to work on portraits. I think when I get home I will start pestering my friends to let me use them as models. The only person I feel super comfortable photographing though is Boyfriend. I need to build confidence if I plan to go anywhere with photography (which I do). Oh, new layout! You probably noticed. I really wanted to have a simple layout where the focus was on the photographs not miscellany. Also, I have an 'about me' section now! Longtime readers probably know all of that but I thought it would be nice for new people!

One more thing, does the post title remind anyone else of the short story A Rose for Emily? I really loved that story.


  1. seeing a few roses in this chilly weather is always wonderful


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