Wednesday, December 22

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There were four of us from my home university. We had rooms next door to each other and formed a little band. In the beginning, we went on adventures together all the time. However, as the semester continued and we made friends through classes we slowly stopped hanging out as a foursome. The last month we decided to change this and made an effort to go out to brunch or dinner together. One place we went was Nandos where I ate the most nommiclious bean burger in a wrap ever!

This place is so good that I took my parents their second night here. They enjoyed it as much as I did!

Also, I'm hosting a giveaway over here! It closes on Christmas!

*While I travel around London and Paris with my darling parents, I have pre-set some posts to run so that I can show you all my London adventures I have yet to blog about! I'll be back in the New Year.

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