Saturday, November 27

so fresh

These pictures were all taken last Monday. I left early for my hair appointment so I could spend some time reading in this little square. I find that days when I spent time outside are days when I am a happier person. As the weather cools (and I mean cools, it may snow this weekend) I probably won't be able to do much sitting but I love going on brisk walks during my lunch break; it's a chance to explore a new part of the city.

I have been reading everything in my local by F Scott Fitzgerald. I started with The Great Gatsy, then Jazz Age Stories, I just finished The Last Tycoon yesterday, and this morning I started Tender is the Night. F Scott seems to hold a disdain for women. In his short stories the female characters are so flighty and easily manipulated by men. I think Cecilia and Kathleen (in The Last Tycoon) are more convincing women, not just sketches of characters of women. I'm excited that Nicole (in Tender is the Night) also seems to be an interesting woman. Of course, I am in love with Monroe Stahr--less so with Gatsby. Does anyone know of any other 1920s-30s authors I should be reading?

The third photo is my natural hair color. I haven't actually seen this dark brown in years. Of course, the second I have it back I go and change it. I love my foil mohawk! It was actually quite painful because they had it pinned like that for almost 20 minutes and it was very heavy! Do you like my bleach streak? I really really want to go blond in the future! I wish I could have had my whole head bleached so I could have seen a bit of what I would have looked like. Oh well, another time.

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  1. I love the tri hair color in the last photo!

    Most of Fitzgerald's female protagonists are based on his wife, Zelda.

    If you like Fitz, try Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" Its about his time in Paris and Fitzgerald is actually referenced. A light, but intriguing read.


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