Monday, November 1

excuses excuses

I have so much to blog about: Norway, Carlisle, delicious meals, crazy pigeons, the British Musuem, and Egyptians. Just this morning I uploaded close to one thousand photos from Frank onto my laptop. Today, in fact, marks two months of me living in London, the half way point for my journey. I should write a Looking Back: London post (here's the first one). I should show you photos and blog about my adventures. But I'm not going to because Boyfriend flew home Saturday after a week here in the UK.
It was amazing and romantic and by far my favorite week here. He's my best friend and the love of my life and now he's gone and I won't be with him for two months. It's harder to know that now than it was to know that two months ago when I left for London. It's harder to say good-bye. So I've been moping for the past few days. I went out for Halloween on Saturday but since then have not left my room. I'm ok with that. Too soon reality and classes will draw me back into my life here but for now I'm existing within the four walls of my room and wishing to be home.
I know that soon I'll be excited to be in London again. I'll go back to planning adventures and taking/uploading photos regularly. Right now though... right now, all I want to do is be home, curled up in bed watching the food channel with my love.


  1. You two are adorable together. I'm sorry you're homesick though. I'm sure you'll get back into routine, but it must be great to feel so loved.

  2. I have watched all of about 8 minutes of Good Eats since you left :-(



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