Tuesday, September 21

good bye sweet summer

Today is the last day of summer twenty ten. Boy, this summer was an amazing one. I had a job that I loved, Boyfriend moved into the townhouse, I saved a bunch of money for London, I moved to London, I went on a million cool adventures, and I loved it all! This summer was filled with so many great trips and memories but there is one thing that sums up my entire summer. That's why I'm declaring this summer the summer of ICE CREAM!
good bye sweet summer
On the docks in Annapolis.
good bye sweet summer
Before the carnival in MD.
good bye sweet summer
A cone from the famous Carl's in Fredricksburg.
good bye sweet summer
From the 7-11 down the street from my university.
good bye sweet summer
After a quick hike on the Appalachian Trail in Harper's Ferry, WV.

Does your summer have a theme?


  1. yum ice cream! I think that may have been my theme as well and Americana travel

    I love your outfit from the post below, a nice mix of proper English school girl with punk rock edge in those ripped tights


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