Thursday, August 5

Bathroom Vanity

I have long been in love with the wallpaper at Boyfriend's childhood home. I've taken photos there before and I'm sure I will take photos there again.
August 05: Bathroom Vanity
I liked wearing the skirt belted high on my waist but after walking around VCU for an hour and a half in 106 degree weather I was really hot. While waiting for Boyfriend to pick me up I popped into Rumors (a local thrift store), which has no AC. After trying on a few things there was no way I was pulling that skirt up and adding a belt! I chucked the belt in the bag and pulled the skirt down to my hips. I really liked the feel and look (although it's more skin than I normally expose in the stomach area). I felt confident the rest of the day and, more importantly, I was cool!
August 05: Bathroom Vanity
August 05: Bathroom Vanity
August 05: Bathroom Vanity
I had fun taking these photos. I enjoy the aesthetic with the flowers on the top and the similar flowers on the wallpaper. However, posting these photos makes me feel vain. I have no idea why I feel that way now but I do. Who am I to constantly post pictures of myself? Why do I think anyone gives a shit? On that note, why do I think my life is so interesting that I should blog about it?

This mood comes and goes.
I hope it goes soon.

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  1. Love your haircut. Giving me a very Lilly Allen vibe.


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