Friday, July 30

Preparing for Minimalism

In just over one months time I will be leaving for London. I will be studying there for four months and will be taking with me one suitcase, one backpack, and one purse. I will be working with a wardrobe consisting of three jeans, two dress pants, two dresses, one or two skirts, six or seven tops, two blazers, one sweater, four pairs of shoes, and various tights. Did I mention I will be there for FOUR MONTHS?!? If you follow my blog regularly you may have noticed that I own a lot of clothes. I like my wardrobe. I like how big it is and how when I do my monthly six loads of laundry (when I run out of underwear) that I often find that I have forgotten I own something. Four months with a suitcase full of clothing is going to be difficult. It didn't really bother me until now*, but now all I can think is:
July 30: Preparing for Minimalism
How will I live without my flannel?**
July 30: Preparing for Minimalism
Or my little red corduroy dress and collection of sweaters?
July 30: Preparing for Minimalism
What will I do without my tutu?
July 30: Preparing for Minimalism
My little beige dress! How will I survive?
July 30: Preparing for Minimalism
Winter in London is cold and there is no room for my vintage faux fur coat! I will freeze!
July 30: Preparing for Minimalism
Once again, what will I do without my tutu?

I'm seriously starting to FREAK! I need to work on my will power so that I actually stick to my packing list instead of just shoving clothes into the suitcase at random.


*I think this newfound stress is a culmination of looking through old outfit photos and the recent discovery that on August 15 I will have to move all my shit from the dorm room I'm currently living in to a hotel room where I will live for two weeks before moving home for four days before I fly to London. That's a lot of packing.
**I think I may have to take my flannel even though it doesn't go with anything else I'm packing (everything else is: black, black, gray, black, or black).

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  1. I face a similar dilemma. Except unlike you I haven't seriously thought about what I'm taking, except for a good trench coat, wellies, & flannel for the damp climate. I also know I want to wear slightly different looks than what I wear now. I'm so sick of being called "cute" all of the time. Since I look young already and am really short, my cute little school girl outfits need to go. It's tough, how do you redo your style and still pack for time abroad ahh


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