Thursday, July 22

i put my new shoes on and hey!

July 19: New Pants
July 19: New Pants
This is the boys living room. Now there is a wineberry colored couch there. Boyfriend gave me his bondage pants from high school. I always wanted a pair but wasn't allowed them. Now I'm one step closer to completing my goth dreams. Today was a good day. I went to the gym and feel good. Now I'm watching Fame on Netflix Instant movies. Boyfriend wakes up at 11 to go to work until 3 tomorrow afternoon. Poor boy. I work a nice even 9-3 and then I think I'll go on an adventure.


  1. all you need now is a pair of chunky platform heels that lace up! I always wanted a pair of bondage pants when I was younger - except like skinny jeans I think :)


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