Wednesday, July 21

Always a Dreamer

July 19: Always a Dreamer
I thrifted this dress awhile ago but have only worn it once. It's a little dressy but I really wanted to wear it to work so I tried to tone it down. Instead of tying the sash in a bow I added a bright blue belt. I thought the black flats and silver sweater also worked to make it daytime appropriate :).
July 19: Always a Dreamer
As you can see, I found a new location to take photos when Boyfriend is working (which is always).
July 19: Always a Dreamer
I've started to get really excited for London this fall! I've begun a packing list and am not finding it as difficult as I'd expected to keep my packing to a minimum. I'm actually looking forward to less options. I think I'll enjoy the challenge/simplicity. I'll be able to focus much more on consuming everything the city has to offer.


  1. Yup, Edinburgh is coming up fast, scary, yet enthralling. Except for this week of epic traveling, generally my summer is boring as ever so I will be ready to head over to the UK come fall! I'm a little nervous and worried about limited packing (but it will be a good challenge), but I know I need a change of pace. Maybe I could take the train to visit you in London!

    How's your visa process going btw? mine is giving me a headache lol

    love your polka dots here!

  2. good job making the dress more casual! next time I talk to you I am going to have to ask where this pic is taken! I can't place the location :)

  3. Love the dress like alwasy! And such a pretty pictures! Love them!


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