Monday, May 24

home is whenever i'm with you

Saturday I went to Richmond to visit Emily, the beautiful lady in the first photo. Over the weekend I discovered a few things I'd like to share with you. In just two days I fell in love faster and harder than I had thought possible. Ever since my first visit to Richmond (December 2009), I had known I liked the area but it wasn't until this weekend that I knew I loved it.
I fell in love with Emily's townhouse with high, chipped ceilings, white walls, wooden floors, open windows, and simple, hippy decor. I fell in love while walking to the coffee shop and to the restaurant where we ate lunch. I fell in love with the brick buildings lining the streets where every porch held a mishmash of furniture and empty wine bottles and beer cans. I fell in love with this city and now I know somethings. I know that in a year I will graduate with a B.A. in History. As soon as possible after that I will be moving to Richmond to live in the Fan (hopefully with Emily). I know this to be true. For now though, I'm tired.


  1. I love that city, it definitely felt like home for the day I visited

    and that song you're referencing in the title is great

  2. Both you and Song of the Exile are making me really curious about Richmond. I'll have to visit it sometime!

  3. I'm seeing Edward Sharpe this June in KC. Going to be epic. And WHAT a neat staircase :)


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