Friday, May 21

Brighten Up a Rainy Day

May 17: Brighten Up a Rainy Day
May 17: Brighten Up a Rainy Day
T.G.I.F. Tomorrow morning (at the ungodly hour of 6 am), Boyfriend and I are heading down to Richmond! I freaking love Richmond. Last summer, Richmond was an escape for Boyfriend and I. We were both working full time and taking classes at a community college. Whenever life got to difficult we would hop in his car and drive down to his house. We would spend weekends fishing and wandering around his neighborhood. We would sleep and eat delicious food and read books on his back porch. Boyfriend introduced me to Richmond before we were even dating and because of him I have fallen in love with a city. I'm so glad to have friends in Richmond to visit so I can further explore the city.

I wore this outfit on Monday (May 17th). It was cold and rainy and gray so I thought a little color would be nice. Actually, this is a lot more color than I normally wear. I like it though! I had some fun playing around with the lighting in my room. I hope to do a lot more experimenting as the summer goes on (and when I get Frank fixed.) Any feedback, critiques, or advice would be super helpful!

See you lovelies Monday.

shirt: urban o.
undershirt: converse, hand-me-down
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
tights: hue, from target
black ballet flats: payless


  1. amazing skirt <3

  2. you look awesome! i love your skirt:)

  3. love your hair its so fun! and that skirt is so cute

    would love you to visit Passport Glamour & follow if you like

    Anna Katrina


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