Monday, April 5

a year ago yesterday

a year ago yesterday we went to your grandmother's house to pack up a few boxes. we kissed in the half empty house and then jumped in your car and drove to gunston hall.

we wandered in the house and the schoolhouse and the outside buildings, holding hands and giggling. you laughed as i followed this goose all around the yard trying to get a good photo.

we set my camera on a bench and took self-takes, anything to get a photos of us together.

when you had my camera you took a million goofy shots of me. looking at them now all i see is my love for you in my eyes (and chipmunk cheeks).

life is so damn stressful now. i want more days like this.


  1. the measuring spoons are so cute!

    is it weird that you look much younger to me without bangs? I think its just because I'm not used to it tho. . .


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