Wednesday, April 21

When life gets stressful I forget the little things. I forget to call my parents. I forget to do laundry. I forget to text friends back. I forget to tell Boyfriend I love him. I forget the important, little things that I should never forget. Right now I am stressed. I have a 15 page paper due tomorrow and I am so lost and confused about it. I am cranky because I am tired, dehydrated, and my uterus hurts. Dammit. I want to be selfish and mean and demand that Boyfriend bring me treats and kiss me all the time.

Except, Boyfriend is stressed too. He has to finish everything and find an internship and figure out a place to live this next year because he is graduating. His stress is so much bigger than my stress. If I was a better person I would be able to set my stress aside and help him carry his burdens. I'm trying, but I'm not that good. Instead I am--we are, hunkering down (cranky, snappish, and mean) and getting. shit. done.

Next Friday, we will be done.
Next Friday, there will be time to snuggle in bed and watch a movie.
Next Friday, there will be time to lie out in the sun on my tie-dye blanket.
Next Friday, there will be time to love each other.
Next Friday, there will be time.
I'm living for next Friday.

All photos are from last summer, when we had time.

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