Tuesday, April 20

secret agent [wo]man

(trench from Paris 5 yrs ago; skirt, belt, sweater, and boots are thrifted;
seed pearl necklace is from my mama; tights and beater are unknown)

This Spring has been very confusing in the D.C. area. One day it's 80*, the next it's 60*. I dug this coat out of the back of my closet and brought it back to school with me to get me through these last chilly days. I bought the trench in Paris (I'm not sure at what store though) my sophomore year in high school, so five years ago. It's been worn once, so it's basically like new. I'm glad it's finally getting the attention it deserves.
This outfit is basically my casual librarian look (or sexy librarian if you're Boyfriend; he fell for me because I was a bookseller at B&N. haha). I love this skirt but it's only the second time I've worn it. I want to give it some more use before I pack it away for the summer. I tried to make it a little more casual than the last time so I just through a tank on and my casual boots. I think I'm going to stud the top of these boots this summer.
I have so many clothing reconstruction projects planned for this summer! Only one 15 page paper, one portfolio, and three finals between me and freedom.


  1. ah! I love it- you very secretary too- I am saying that in a very cool retro-ish way :)

  2. a bookseller with sexy bookseller glasses :-)


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