Monday, February 22

red lady

(forever 21 hat, thrifted dress, vest, and belt, hue tights,
ebay sunglasses, target shoes.)

I love the flower patterns together.

I am really tired of winter (just like every other blogger it seems).
This dress is one of my favorite and I decided to throw it on last Friday to brighten my day!
I added some red lipstick and my cateye heart sunglasses to continue the theme.

This outfit reminds me that it's ok to wear color (or more colors than black).


  1. I found you through wardrobe_remix & just wanted to comment here to say again how much I adore this dress! I'm a fan of wearing florals all year long... who says we have to put them away once there's snow on the ground??

  2. I love your dress, you give it a twist and it looks like cute and fresh!

  3. you did a good job with this outfit! and I'm happy to see you wearing lipstick I know you feel the same way about lipstick that I do


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