Tuesday, February 23

I knew Katie and I were going to be friends from the first day I saw her in class. Her hair was purple then; she had the most beautiful sleeve I'd ever seen AND she had multiple piercings (including the industrial and a micro-dermal). She was and is my body-mod idol.

Now her hair is pretty pink (for the life of my I can't decide which color I like better) and we have become good friends in the past few months. I realize now that she is the first close girlfriend I've had since my freshman year here.

I'd forgotten how nice it is to be able to sit and talk for hours and hours (which we've done). Katie and I are very different people. I am high strung and melodramatic and she is so calming and kind that she makes every tense situation feel better and more manageable.

This semester I only get to see her for an hour on Mondays; let me tell you, I look forward to those Mondays.

The point of this post besides getting all gushy, is to say that while I love Katie... if there was a magic spell that enabled me to switch souls with her and become as sweet and creatively talented as her I would do it in a heartbeat.

Katie sews almost all of her clothing and in the next few years will be opening her own store! I urge you to watch her here and wait for her to start selling (and updating more; I'm putting the pressure on Katie!)

Oh, she made this super sick spiderweb dress. Jealous!

(on me: thrifted shirt and belt, target skirt, hue tights,
hand-me-down leg warmers, thrifted boots [of awesome]).


  1. she looks original, glad to hear you become good friends! I'm gonna check out her blog

  2. You two are looking cute! And i love her dress <3

  3. Aww thank you :) I want to add something more intelligent to thank you, but I cant quite think of what! hopefully when school is out we can spend more time having adventures and talking for hours!


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