Tuesday, January 26

reasons to never insult a girl in a tutu: they may be a fairy princess

sweater: brand- susina, store ?
dress (worn as shirt): thrifted
tutu: wet seal (who'd have thunk?)
tights: ?
boots: hand-me-downs

Yes, I wore a tutu all day.
If you know me you would understand that I love tutus in a way that is bordering obsession.
Thoughts Relating to this Outfit:
- Next time I will wear my Doc Martens
-I received a few compliments
- and only one insult, which may not have been an insult
-who cares, I'm a tutu-wearing, grunge queen
-the ground was really wet and I had to change boots and tights after traipsing through the grass for these photos.
-so worth it.

This is how I felt all day!


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Thanks kittens!

Sarah Yvonne