Wednesday, December 9

thirty seven and counting

So, two finals down. Two finals and one paper to go. I can see the finish line. Plus, I just pulled my last all-nighter of the semester (the blog title=number of hours I've been awake). I decided to do a photo an hour to give me something to look forward to today. Enjoy.

8 am: saying good-bye to my stay-up-all-night-and-study buddies.

9 am: tea to soothe my throat.

10 am: working on my study guide; my bulletin board makes me smile.

11 am: study guide done & time for a reward

12 pm: last minute cramming outside the class room.

2 pm: first final done; outside feels so nice!

3 pm: to do lists seem so much nicer on pink sticky notes and purple ink.

4 pm: lovely treasures.

5 pm: I wish I could be napping too.

6 pm: supplies for an evening final.

7 pm: my test taking good luck dude.

9 pm: this lovely made our dry erase board into a 3D Christmas happiness!

10 pm: time to spin.
the dizzier you get
the less stressful life seems.


  1. Love this! I don't know how you're able to stay up that long. I stayed up all night the other night.. and was up about 30 hours and literally passed out and drooled all over myself! You're a champ!

  2. I should have know I would have been creeped on


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