Tuesday, December 8

he knows if you've been naughty

but luckily I've been nice!
I didn't ask for anything for Christmas (except a new cell phone). Instead I asked for family members to buy books and donate them the Barnes and Nobles Holiday Book Drive. I love to read and having access to books is such an important thing for me. I think everyone should be able to hold a new book in their hands and dive into a good story.
Still, I have a bookmark folder labeled "to buy" and I though I'd share a few things. I know I'm not unique; so if these gifts are good for me, they must be good for someone else!

A premium flickr account. It's only December 7th and I've already used 69% of my uploading capabilities.

The Fuji Instax Instant Camera. It's like my polaroid but smaller & there is film readily available.

A gift certificate to Mod Cloth. I love so much of their clothing but I can't justify spending the money! Sometimes being a poor college student sucks.

These lovely Target ballet flats (oh, I'll take them in almost every color too!) Such simple, classic flats at such a cheap price! Buy them for every girl on your list!!

A Softer World is a photo strip comic-like thing. I love this one especially (#486) and I'd love to have a print hanging on my wall. One day I'll buy one!

I have dreams about this hat. How cute would this be... with everything?!? Plus, you get to support indie artists. And indie is a fun word to say.

These boots have been bookmarked for almost six months. I need to just give in (in Brown) and buy them. They are so cozy and would be perfect for running around in the cold of winter!

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