Wednesday, December 30

Best of 2009: July - September

Two more days until the New Year! Welcome to the second half of my Best of 2009 countdown (part l, part ll).

I spent a lot of my July weekends traveling. I spent a few days with Boyfriend's family in a little house in Monteray, VA. I took a lovely train ride down to Norfolk, VA to visit my Beloverly. When I wasn't traveling I worked and slept and ate and enjoyed the summer.

We went back to school at the end of August. That first weekend I could feel a larger group of friends solidifying. My premonition (or whatever) came true; these were the kids we hung with all semester.

Oh, September. I loved September. There was a birthday party, mafia night, hiking, and a 90s Dance/Mustache party (a roaring success)! I would love to relive this month.

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