Monday, December 28

Best of 2009: January - March

Inspired by CJane Enjoy It, I am looking back at 2009 through the millions of photos I took. 2009 was a very interesting year for me. The first half was the best of the best, while the second half was a test of endurance. Still, I loved this year!

January was a busy, amazing month for me! I took my first solo train ride (to Richmond) where I went camping and adventing with Boyfriend (before he was Boyfriend). Also in this chilly month, Boyfriend became Boyfriend (January 20th).

I have had two groups of friends in college. The first was my freshman year and most of the group graduated or transfered. I felt the second group solidify in February of my spring semester. It centered on these two goofballs (Spencer and Boyfriend).

I don't remember much of March, not much stood out. It was a quiet, calm month of happy days and exciting nights. I think I went geocaching for the first time as the weather warmed up. I loved March.

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