Thursday, November 19

thirsty thursday

[from lulu magazine]

[image source unknown]

It really is thirsty thursday for me; i am completely dehydrated and exhausted. in the past three days i have spent 20 consecutive hours in front of the computer writing a paper on Darwin. i forgot to drink and eat and couldn't sleep till it was done so my body is out of whack.

i didn't get dressed today because i collapsed about 5 this morning and slept until about 5 this afternoon. i feel much better now.

last night when i had finished my paper but was still so hyped-up on caffeine that i couldn't sleep i spent hours searching ebay for "tutu dresses," "tutu skirts," "vintage dresses," "white lace dresses," "vintage lace dresses," and... you get the idea. haha. if i could i would fill my closet with tutus and lace.


  1. Darwin is fascinating, huh? Gotta say, I can't think of a better cure for late-night jitters than mountains of lace...

  2. The skirt in that first photo is sick. Im in love with it.


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