Monday, November 23

a much needed respite

This weekend was amazing after such a stressful week. I paid my massive sleep debt by sleeping 12 hours a night. I spent Saturday afternoon thrifting by myself. Oh and man did I score big; the only thing better than thrift stores is when the thrift store is having a 50% off sale on everything in the store. That night I went to my parents for dinner (yummy) and then watched my friends drink hobo wine and played cards. Sunday was just as fun with a dinner date (I woke up at a time when it is justifiable to have a burger for "breakfast") and NCIS with Boyfriend. This week (tonight especially) will be just as stressful. Luckily Thanksgiving break starts Wednesday so there are only two days of classes.
Mantra: You can do this, you will do this, you have to do this.

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