Friday, October 2

old rag hike [part l]

A few weeks ago I hiked the Old Rag trail with Boyfriend and his parents. It was an amazing experience. I haven't been on an extensive hike since January (also with Boyfriend) and I was gyming regularly back then. This route we took to the top of the mountain required a LOT scrambling over rocks; you had to use all your body to pull yourself over the rocks and boulders in the path. It was such an exhilarating feeling to use my body in such a physical way.

Here we are (those are Boyfriends parents in the front) scrambling away!

We are not even close to the top here. This is about two hours into our seven hour hike.

This (above) is the summit. Those clouds are beautiful!
Nature shots (below).

By the end of the hike I was ready to be done. The last two hours the trail is just forest road and is very boring. We ate dinner at a authentic German restaurant (yum)!
I was in pan for the next two days; I couldn't walk without a slight limp for at least three.
Oh, and we're doing the hike again in three weeks. :D

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