Wednesday, October 28

if i were a rich girl

Dresses are a fairly new love for me; in high school I was mostly a jeans and t-shirt girl and as a kid I was a tomboy through and through. But now, I love dresses. I really do. I also love ModCloth. Except, ModCloth is expensive for a poor college student like me. So tonight I have mentally planned three outfits using ModCloth dresses, dresses I will never own, and accouterments that sit in or on my dresser.

1st. A Dress for the University

Modern Angel Dress $62.99

I would wear this dress to class tomorrow if I could. I love the t-shirt like v-neck combined with the flirty ruffle.I would wear this dress with a simple necklace, black flats, and my purple tights (for some fun color). I would (ask Boyfriend to) braid my hair down the back for a simple, classic look. The weather is finally cooperating so I would throw on my new not-quite white pea coat to keep from being chilled on my walk across campus. I think this outfit would be classic.

2nd. A Dress for the Theater (& what I wish I was wearing for Halloween)

Sleepy Hollow Dress &54.99

This dress is beautiful and I probably would wear it every day. However, I also think it would be perfect for going to a evening play at the Kennedy Center (or for Halloween, but it does not work with my costume--a post on that to come). If I wore a necklace at all it would be a simple and short silver pendent on a silver chain (or if I felt like totally camping it up a huge ruby cross on a thick silver chain). I would wear my vintage (thank you Grandmother) knee high boots with a two inch heel and my urban outfitter's flower pattern fishnets in black.I would wear my hair down with my black flower headband. If I owned a cape I would throw that on top but since I don't I would have to wear my gray and purple houndstooth coat.

3. A Dress for a Dinner Date

Plum-struck Dress $72.99

This dress is the perfect dinner date dress because it is lovely and elegant; what every woman wants to feel when she is being romanced! I love that it comes with a little black belt (less accessorizing that I have to do :D). I think if I were to own this purple beauty I would go all out with purple! I would pair it with my slightly lighter purple, but not quite lavender, tights and my purple and gray coat mentioned above. I would not wear a necklace (I can't think of anything I own to would go perfectly) but I would change my earrings (from the orange stars I've been wearing for months) to my silver double twirls (that's the only photo I seem to have right now). I would add my black booties with zippers on both sides for a little bit of toughness. To not detract from the sweetness of the look I would pull my hair back in a bun and add a tiny bow clip on the side. Add my charming Boyfriend and a lovely Thai restaurant and my evening is complete.

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