Friday, October 16

date night

(dress: thrifted, sweater: victoria's secret, tights: target, boots: katie & kelly)

So, by request (hi Katie!) this is my one outfit photo from the beach. I did in fact have MANY outfits (if you know him ask Boyfriend, he saw me) but unfortunately I only snapped photos of this one. Instead I took a million photos of everything else going on at the beach.
I wore this dress (for the millionth time) to dinner with my love. The food was mediocre and overpriced by the company was awesome and the evening fantastic!
This dress is my favorite thing right now. Every time I wear it I feel like a fairy princess. I need to get thicker tights so I can wear it all winter. Speaking of tights, these tights are frustrating--I pulled them out of their container and they had a huge (from thigh to calf) run in them. Augh, frustrating. So now I need to get another pair of brown tights.


  1. hi ! i love this look ! your dress is so lovely :)

  2. thank you! it's one of my favorite dresses!


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