Tuesday, June 9


Drove down to Richmond Thursday night for a long weekend. It was a perfect weekend. Good food, thrifting, new toys, shooting, & lots of sleeping. For some reason I couldn't sleep past 9 any day so Boyfriend & I were up early. We ran a lot of errands & got to do more on our trip. I think there may be something to this getting up early.

It was a great weekend & this weekend we're going camping. Unfortunately between now & then there are several days of work & class. I don't get to see Boyfriend as much as I want. He works the graveyard shift so he works when I sleep & I work when he sleeps; which means I can't even talk to him online. It's hard to go from practically living with someone to only seeing them or talking to them a few short hours a day.

Classes end June 29th. I have no doubts that after that there will be a lot more time to actually enjoy summer.

Mantra: We will survive.

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