Tuesday, June 2

Dear Me,

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You're 20 now. It's time to grow up (at least a little). I've compiled a list of things to remember/know/believe/do.

1. She/he is a person. Remember that.
2. Be outside as much as possible now, you don't like the cold.
3. Stop spending all your time worrying about things you don't control.
4. Reconnect with old friends, stay connected with current friends, connect with new friends.
5. LOVE. All the time.
6. Start to write again. I know you miss it.
7. Remember that whole picture-a-day thing? Yeah, don't forget to do it. And learn from it.
8. Be a kid. Sometimes.
9. Listen to your music & find new music.
10. Get rid of some of your clothing it'll be so much easier to find something to wear.
11. Boyfriend is groovy & you love him & he loves you.
12. About number 11, don't let that be your whole life.
13. Learn to let go.
14. Go running! You actually like it.
15. Organize your life just a little bit. At the very least put all your shoes away.
16. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise.
17. Jefferson is lonely.
18. Stop drinking. Then drink only a little. Then stop again. You don't need it to have fun.
19. Go to work when you feel like spending the day in bed. Skip work when you feel like spending the day outside.

Happy Belated Birthday.
Sarah Yvonne

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