Saturday, April 7

sunshine on a cloudy day


This skirt is a showstopping, jaw dropping, sunshine skirt! I am obsessed with yellow. Obsessed. I had to have the moment I saw it. I normally don't buy the same day I see something at work (unless it's $7.88 for a silk blouse in gorgeous cream that fits perfectly) but I knew I had to have this cheerful little skirt.

I've worn it a few times but I loved it most with the crisp white blazer and silver white pumps. It just screams spring to me. Also, a guy on the metro said "nice legs" when I was walking to my train. Drive-by compliments are the best.

Here's a color crisp photo of Boyfriend walking a way and a photo of me doing my best 1980s music video back up dancer. Rockin' out.


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