Thursday, April 5

april fools


Went thrifting with my flatmate last week. We scored super big. I came home with three beautiful dresses and an amazing lace and silk gown (that may have been someones wedding dress it's so pretty). This was one of the dresses that I came home with. It's so soft and brilliantly constructed and absolutely divine. I went 60s matchy matchy with a hair bow, and fabulous red heels (c/o my beloved KTPink. love ya. thanks!).

Also, I redid my closet (finally listening to Katie's suggestion) and pulled all my clothes out of my tiny box of a closet. Everything I own (that's not folded into various shelves and drawers) is hanging in rainbow order in the wall opposite my bed. I stare at it as I fall asleep and it brightens my day every time I wake up and see it. It's also proving helpful remembering what I own. One day soon I hope to have all my laundry done so I'll have all my clothes clean and available for pursuing.


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  1. I love you Sarah, but I think you might need a third rack soon.


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