Wednesday, February 8

hearts in the sky

Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012

On my wall is my latest art installation in the museum that is my room (I should say shoe-seum as most of my room is a display for my ever growing shoe collection). I'll have more photos later when I've tweaked it a bit more. You can tell that I've an ever growing love of hearts! The other night I stitched these heart patches (cut from an old skirt) onto a hand-me-down shirt and voila--my new favorite shirt. I wore it two days in a row. This is day two (day one was not photographed due to sun issues--ie I didn't see the sun because I was at work).

My dad gave me these blue jeans and at first I didn't know how to wear them but now I love them and feel fabulous in them even though they are super odd. I'm convinced that you can get away with wearing anything if you have a good pair of heels and a dash of red lipstick. This outfit was also the debut of my new favorite purse ever (also, my latest faux fur purchase). This was my first, of two, February purchases. So totally worth it.

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