Saturday, April 2

missing home


It's really gray and cold here. I haven't had the desire to do anything but curl up on my couch, drink coffees, and watch Torchwood. The past couple of days that's exactly what I've been doing. I have also spent a lot of time going through my many photo albums from my time in England. I found these outfit photos that I never got around to posting. Everything except the boots, tights, and hat are from England. Even my hair cut and color was done at the Vidal Sasson on Bond Street,London.

I miss London so much it hurts.

It was the first place I felt confident in who I was as an individual adult. I grew up a lot in those four months. I learned to cook, I had a job I loved, I was interested in learning again. I spent lots of time walking around the city and through its parks. In London, I truly felt like me. Since returning to the United States I've had a lot of good days but lately the weather has been kicking my ass. Why is it so cold and gray in April? How is this fair?

If it's going to be cold, gray, and damp, I might as well be in London.

In London, there are trains every few minutes that speed you down tunnels and take you to exciting new places. There are little alleys to explore and you feel like a character from Shakespeare. The buildings are old and the bricks have history that is palpable. Even the new buildings are designed in ways that excite the imagination. There are large parks in the middle of the city; it's possible to be so far deep into a park that you forget there is a city around you.

I want to be there to forget.

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  1. I can understand your study abroad-sickness, but maybe it was best to only be there for a short period of time so you could truly make the most the most of it. Now that you've left you can appreciate all that learned and loved and hopefully find some inspiration back home


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