Wednesday, March 23

good in, good out

good in, good out
good in, good out
good in, good out
good in, good out
ph. Boyfriend, thank you my love.

I had this dress hanging on my wall for the past month just waiting for my hair to finally be pink. It was supposed to be my debut outfit, however, the baby shower outfit came first. I finally wore this yesterday for a day of studying, exam taking, and wine drinking with Boyfriend. I received a compliment from the sweetest little girl on my dress while studying in everyone's favorite coffee chain. Then, while walking down the hall toward my classroom, a girl said to me in passing, "you look beautiful." I blushed, thanked her, and continued on. Thinking about that interaction just now made me wonder: is there a connection between being true-to-you and attracting positive people.

I've had friends who tease me about my style evolution but these friends were mostly people who I met in my "boring days." The more I dress for me and only me, the more people who come into my life who accept and even appreciate my style choices. The same with being more me. The more positive I am about myself, the more positive and affirming people come into my life. I think the adage "what you put into the world, you get out of it" is true. I plan to put more good in.

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  1. Your pink hair looks great!

    I believe it's true that when you embrace who you are, your disposition changes, and people subconsciously take notice. You are content with who you are and what you are doing, and so people gravitate to that kind of positive energy.



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