Thursday, February 10

wander wander away we wander

Boyfriend and I decided long ago that we wouldn't give gifts on our anniversary. Instead we take trips. This year we went away to Williamsburg. We went in early January and it turned out to be a fantastic time to go! Tickets were crazy cheap and the place was almost deserted. It was a lot easier to slip into the Colonial mindset when the only people to be seen were in period costume! We spent the day wandering the streets and popping into the shops to learn about colonial crafts. I enjoyed the silver maker and the man who was working with leather (ahh, name?). We also spent some time in the William & Mary Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and warming up. There is something to be said for doing outdoorsy things in the summer. Next year I'm pushing for a trip to the Bahamas ;).


  1. Williamsburg is honestly my favorite place on the entire planet. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Tanner? I think thats what leather workers are called. ..maybe


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