Monday, February 14

happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day
happy valentine's day
happy valentine's day
happy valentine's dayhappy valentine's dayhappy valentine's day
I've been baking a lot this year. Having a full kitchen has opened up a million possibilities that don't really exist when one lives in the dorm room. This is the second cake I've made from scratch (I made the icing too). It is a vanilla cake with sour cream icing! The cake is old-fashioned and a little more dense than modern recipes and the icing is the perfect combination of sweet and sour! I had so much batter that I made a two-story cake and 9 little cupcakes!

If I could I would send a cupcake to everyone of my followers as thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me. Every time I read a comment I smile and I love the feedback you all have given me on outfits, life, and photography! Thank you for giving sixbeforebreakfast a little love && happy valentine's day to you all!

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  1. ooo sour cream frosting sounds intriguing. those look delicious and festive!


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