Wednesday, November 17

Looking Back: Month Two

I am ready to go home.

In the past month I have spent more time traveling than not. This has caused a bit of a disconnect between London and I. In the first month we were like young lovers--everything was new and exciting, even the uncomfortable events (pouring rain, tube strikes) seemed romantic and part of the city's charms. Now London feels uncomfortable, like a sweater that's a little too short in the arms. I have to keep adjusting and can never quite relax.

This disconnect is compounded by the fantastic visit and depressing departure of Boyfriend. Being reunited with my love for one week was amazing and reminded me of everything I have waiting for me 3,600 miles and two months away. Where as before London was only mine, I now find myself haunted by ghosts of Boyfriend. Whenever I got to my coffee shop, the Sandwich Shop, or lie in bed at night I can't help but think--we were here, we loved here. It took all my willpower not to drop my one remaining course and internship and fly back home with him.

But I stayed.

I stayed because I am not convinced that London and I are over. I think we have more to offer each other. I spend every October weekend elsewhere (Cardiff, Amsterdam, Norway, Carlisle); I am determined to spend November locally. There are more adventures to be had here. I can feel it.

Favorite adventure: Drøbak, Norway
Favorite place in London: This is difficult because, honestly, for most of October if I was in London I was either in class or in my dorm. Travel really takes it out of you. I guess I would say Java Bean. I spent many afternoons there drinking hot chocolate or lattes.
Favorite food: Salmon and cream cheese sandwiches from the Priory Kitchen in Carlisle.
Favorite moment: Standing with Boyfriend in front of Hadrian's Wall, taking goofy photos together, and realizing that this man I love had traveled an ocean to be with me and that with him I was happier than I have ever been. Run-on sentence much?
Favorite thing I've learned: I learned/found confidence in my ability to be dropped in a city and survive.
Favorite purchase: My panda hat!! (12.90 pounds)
Favorite thing in the upcoming month:
Internship--medieval museum, a crypt, hell yeah!
Favorite photo: taken October 28 on the path heading to a section of Hadrian's Wall

outside of Carlisle, England

P.S. I realize this post is 17 days late. I've been fighting off some gloom and doom and haven't been feeling particularly verbose. I believe that had I tried to write this post earlier I would not have been able to express exactly how I felt at the end of October. Please accept my tardiness, it's part of my charm.

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  1. I started to get homesick too when I was living in Florence, I just reminded myself that I am so lucky to be living abroad & I need to pay attention to my time there. Sure enough, once I was back in the states and two years later, I wish I was back in Italy!



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