Sunday, October 17

there's no way up, no way back, no way out

In one week the man friend (my best friend and bucket of love) will be here with me in London! I am so excited. Two months is the longest we've been apart (hell, after one week it was the longest we'd been apart) and I am dying to be reunited with Boyfriend. Skype is an amazing invention but it doesn't let you hold hands, kiss, or snuggle. I'm counting down the hours until he arrives!

I'm still in Norway :). Oh, and instead of using lyrics as post titles I'm using Doctor Who quotes. haha. Nerd?

Oh x 2, I'm posting the top photo because loverman hates my glasses. ;)


  1. yay so glad you get to see him!

  2. so cute. I feel the same way about my "love bucket" <3


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