Saturday, October 23

over mountains and forests and seas

Oops. I vanished again, didn't I? This past week was finals week so I spent a lot of time writing papers and studying. I also spent a lot of time watching Doctor Who; so much time that now I'm done with all the seasons and have to wait until next year to see new episodes. Totally lame. Norway was fantastic and I have several hundred photos... sitting on my camera waiting to be uploaded. Traveling is fun but exhausting and I've been kind of recuperating all week. I'll upload the photos soon though.
apple burgers
apple burgers
Those of you who follow me on twitter wondered about my apple burgers (I made them a few weeks ago)! Here is the recipe. I did not make the devilishly hot spicy salsa even though it sounds really good, another day. The burgers are very delicious and so good for you! There is no turkey in the U.K. (never would have guessed that) so I used really lean beef, which worked out well. I added sliced avocado on top! These burgers are ridiculously good for you: garlic, onion, apples, cinnamon, and avocado are all superfoods! I'm obsessed with superfoods and eating healthy (more on that later).

Boyfriend arrives in London tomorrow morning! Keep your fingers crossed for a safe flight (and that we'll be able to sneak him into the housing here. It's guarded by Nazis--slight exaggeration but still...)

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  1. have fun with the boy! sounds like you're having a lot of fun lately!

    and thanks for this recipe!


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